Library of Resources

We know that lack of information is a key barrier in taking a step to prevent child sexual abuse. That's why we've also made available a searchable database of the resources used by our Helpline staff as an additional tool for understanding child sexual abuse and taking actions to prevent it. While we carefully review each resource, inclusion in this library does not mean that we endorse or recommend the resource. Please review any resource carefully for relevance to your own personal situation. 

To find resources, enter the title, a portion of the title or any key word to bring up all relevant resources.

Please note that we are always happy to learn of a new resource for sexual abuse prevention and invite anyone to forward resouces to us for review. 

Title Description
Wounded Healer Journal: Organization

Online support community for people who have experienced trauma and abuse, as well as their partners and allies.
Tags: Adult Survivor, the Wounded Healer Journal

Yes I Can: Organization

Online supports for survivors of physical, emotional and sexual abuse; includes free and facilitated online support groups.
Tags: Adult Survivor, Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, Yes I Can

You and Your Child: For Parents of Children Who Have Been Sexually Abused (DHSA)

Booklet from The Department of Human Services in Australia for parents and non-offending caregivers of children who have been sexually abused.
Tags: Australia, Child Survivor, International, Parents, Victorian Government Department of Human Services Melbourne, DHSA

Your Life Your Voice (1.800.448.3000): Organization

Crisis helpline for youth, open 24/7, can be reached by dialing 1.800.448.3000. Helpline also has email, chat (Monday thru Friday from 6p-12a CST), and text (everyday from 2p-1a CST). Text VOICE to 20121.
Tags: Abuse Survivor, Crisis, Chat, Helpline, Mental Health, Teen, Youth, Boys Town National Hotline, Your Life Your Voice

“She did WHAT?” “He said WHAT?” How to Respond to the Sexual Behaviors of Children (BARCC)

A resource for understanding and evaluating sexual behavior and sexual development in children. Available in both English and Spanish.
Tags: Age Appropriate Behavior, Bi-Lingual, Trainings, Professional, Boston Area Rape Crisis Center, BARCC