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We know that lack of information is a key barrier in taking a step to prevent child sexual abuse. That's why we've also made available a searchable database of the resources used by our Helpline staff as an additional tool for understanding child sexual abuse and taking actions to prevent it. While we carefully review each resource, inclusion in this library does not mean that we endorse or recommend the resource. Please review any resource carefully for relevance to your own personal situation. 

To find resources, enter the title, a portion of the title or any key word to bring up all relevant resources.

Please note that we are always happy to learn of a new resource for sexual abuse prevention and invite anyone to forward resources to us for review. 

Titlesort ascending Description
Child Abuse Statistics (Jim Hopper)

Webpage with statistics, research, and resources about child abuse by Jim Hopper, Ph.D.
Tags: Books, Facts, Research, Statistics

Center on Children and the Law (American Bar Association)

American Bar Association group promoting access to justice for children and their families.
Tags: Legal, Victim Assistance, Child Survivor, Professional, Advocacy, Policy, Training, ABA

Center for Sex Offender Management (CEPP)

National clearinghouse for information about the management of sex offenders.
Tags: Abusers, Law Enforcement, Professional, Public Safety, Registry, Training, Center for Sex Offender Management, CSOM, CEPP

California Coalition on Sexual Offending: Organization

Professional organization for those working with sex offenders and adults and youth with sexual behavior problems in the state of California.
Tags: Adult Abuser, Facts, Research, Statistics, Youths Sexual Behavior, YSB, California Coalition on Sexual Offending, CCOSO

Building Rapport With Commercially Exploited Youth (Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs)

Article on building rapport with commercially exploited youth.
Tags: Professionals, Victim Assistance, Advocacy, Sex Trafficking, Exploitation, Youth

Breaking Free: Organization

Minnesota-based organization helping women and girls escape prostitution and sexual exploitation through advocacy, direct services, housing, and education.
Tags: Human Trafficking, Survivor, Victim Assistance, Breaking Free

Boys Town National Hotline (1.800.448.3000): Organization

Crisis and support line for children, youth and their parents, 24/7 and Spanish available. Multi-topic and issue assistance. 
Tags: Bilingual, Kids, Families, Teens, Boys Town National Hotline

Boston Area Rape Crisis Center (BARCC, 1.800.841.8371): Organization

Organization offering free, confidential services to survivors of sexual assault and violence, their friends and families, and professionals ages 12 and older. Also has information on sexual violence as well as opportunities for advocacy. Their 24-hour hotline can be reached at: 1.800.841.8371.
Tags: Abuse, Awareness, Helpline, Hotline, Healing, Boston Area Rape Crisis Center, BARCC

Bishop Accountability: Organization

Website documenting child sexual abuse in the Roman Catholic Church.
Tags: Faith-Based, Religious

Befrienders Worldwide: Organization

Worldwide resources for suicide counseling and support
Tags: International, Helpline, Hotline, Crisis

Bathing Children and Privacy Issues (Andorra Pediatrics)

Article about children and privacy surrounding bathing and showering.
Tags: Parenting, Healthy Sexual Development, Debra W. Haffner

Balancing Acts: Keeping Kids Safe in Congregations

Training manual by Reverend Debra W. Haffner on addressing and preventing child sexual abuse in religious institutions including how to deal with an offender choosing to worship at your church or religious institution.
Tags: Community, Congregation, Faith-Based, Prevention, Temple, Unitarian

b4uact: Organization

Non-profit organization trains professionals in the field in how to provide positive therapeutic support to people who are sexually attracted to children and also works to connect minor-attracted individuals (MAPs) with competent, compassionate support. Has a support group available for MAPs as well as a separate group for family and friends of MAPs.
Tags: Adult At Risk, Pedophile, Self-Help, b4uact

Attorney Search (National Association of Counsel for Children)

Free lawyer referrals for representation of youth, by state.
Tags: Legal, Advocacy, Children, Victim Assistance, Laws, NACC

Association for the Treatment and Prevention of Sexual Abuse (ATSA): Organization

An international organization for the prevention of child sexual abuse through assessment and treatment of adults at risk of abusing.
Tags: Abuser, Counseling, Offender, Professionals, Research, Statistics and Facts, Treatment, Therapy, Association for the Treatment and Prevention of Sexual Abuse, ATSA

ARPAN: Organization

India-based organization for the prevention of child sexual abuse.
Tags: Advocacy, International, Prevention, ARPAN

American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children: Organization

National organization supporting professionals who serve children and families affected by child maltreatment and violence.
Tags: Child Abuse, Research, Statistics and Facts

American Bar Association (ABA): Organization

Resources for lawyer referrals, legal advocacy and information.
Tags: Advocacy, Children, Victim Assistance, Laws, American Bar Association, ABA

Amaze: Organization

Amaze is an educational resource tool for both children and teens ages 10-14 about puberty. It helps parents get this important dialogue started with fun and informational videos that tweens can watch on their own time. 
Tags: Caregivers, Healthy Sexuality

Alliance Anti Trafic: Organization

Combats sexual exploitation, especially sexual abuse, prostitution and trafficking in women and children from Asia.
Tags: Advocacy, Exploitation, International, Traffick, Alliance Anti-Trafic