Stories of Hope

Real Stories from Real Families

Read these stories of courage from real people’s lives – real families affected by child sexual abuse, who stepped up from tragedy and found hope. No excuses or simplistic solutions here. You’ll come to understand why the “good” and “evil” stereotypes the media uses when describing sexual abuse don’t really apply to most abuse situations. And you will learn why, in some instances, those stereotypes actually delay individuals from recognizing abusive behaviors and taking the necessary steps to get help for everyone involved. You’ll find difficult truths, complex personalities and tough challenges in these stories…courageous people describing how they turned anger and despair into a journey of hope.

To maintain confidentiality, names have been changed when requested by the author.

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We are a blended family of seven. Both my husband and I share custody of our five children from previous marriages. More often than not, we have five independent, energetic, and lively kids running through the house. After a few years of this new marriage, things were going as smoothly as could be expected. The only child who seemed to be experiencing difficulty in adjusting to his new stepfamily was my middle son, Max.

I am the proud father of six fantastic children. I am also a recovering child sexual abuser who molested three of my children and two of their childhood friends. Many people flinch at hearing aspects of my life; some who know me want to deny that I could have abused anyone; some have difficulty dealing with my having been a victim.