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Concerned for the safety of a child and don’t know what to do? Looking for support on talking with others about your concerns? Need accurate information, guidance and resources? Worried about your own thoughts or behaviors? Browse the sections below to find FREE and CONFIDENTIAL help.

Call the Helpline (1.888.PREVENT)

The Helpline strives to provide support, guidance and information to adults who wish to speak confidentially with our Helpline staff. We are open Monday through Friday from 12pm to 6pm EST.  The Helpline is closed for standard business holidays.

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Privacy Policy

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Read our Advice Column to learn about the common situations that our users face in keeping children safe from sexual abuse and the information and resources offered by our Helpline.

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Helpline FAQs

Below are Frequently Asked Questions about our Helpline. To find Frequently Asked Questions on more topics, see our FAQs section.

What can I expect when I contact the Helpline?

The Stop It Now! Helpline is a safe place to talk with professionals, knowledgeable in the field of child sexual abuse prevention. Our staff will provide you with accurate information and guidance for responding to warning signs and creating safe environments for children and adolescents.   The Helpline can direct you to professional resources and support you as you develop a plan to address your concerns. We offer understanding and compassion, as well as the steps and resources for preventing child sexual abuse. Read more about our Privacy Policy.

What should I NOT expect from the Helpline?

Please be aware that the Helpline does not offer legal advice, therapy, or carry out investigations of any kind. If you need legal advice or counsel, please consult an attorney directly. Our limited list of legal resources can help direct you. We are not clinicians, and are not able to offer therapy, case management or individual case advocacy. Please see our specialized treatment resources. We are not a reporting agency or affiliated with sex offender registries. We are not a crisis line.

Who gets help from the Helpline?

Anyone concerned about warning signs or a possible situation of child sexual abuse can contact the Stop It Now! Helpline for information, resources and guidance. We are also available to talk with adults concerned about their own at-risk behaviors. If you cannot find the answers to your questions or your situation in the Online Help Center or Ask Now! advice column - or if you want to talk with a trained professional - please call the Helpline (1.888.PREVENT) or email for help.

What if I’m  under 18?

There are adults who care and know how to help. Stop It Now! is a service for adults seeking to prevent and respond to child sexual abuse concerns. Here are some free and confidential places for children and teens to find help if you don’t know whom to talk to.

What do you mean when you say your Helpline is "confidential"?

We are committed to creating a private place where adults can freely and openly discuss their concerns and consider what steps to take next. We commit to confidentiality in all conversations and correspondence.  To maintain privacy in telephone and email contacts, please avoid mentioning identifying details such as last names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and employers of anyone directly involved in an abusive situation. Stop It Now! does not need any of these details to provide you with helpful guidance and resources to take appropriate action.  If you have further questions about confidentiality, please ask at the beginning of your Helpline call or in your email.

Confidentiality in phone calls: No caller ID is used on our Helpline

Confidentiality in email:  Again, we commit to confidentiality in all correspondence.

Confidentiality in the Ask Now! Advice Column:   If you choose to submit your question for the Ask Now! advice column,  any identifying information about the sender or anyone mentioned by the sender will be removed. However, your situation may be familiar to others.  By sharing your situation and questions, other adults will be able to get answers to their questions and to feel less isolated with their concerns.

Confidentiality in the Online Help Center: No personally identifiable information is required to get answers through the Online Help Center.

What will be asked of me if I contact the Helpline?

You will be asked to describe your concern and question, along with basic background information. You will also be asked for the state or country you are calling from so that we can better locate resources that will be helpful.  We also like to know how you heard about the Stop It Now! Helpline so that we can learn how to reach more people. Most importantly, you will be asked to be actively involved in the prevention of child sex abuse.

What about reporting?

If a caller/emailer wishes to file a report, we will offer assistance. If callers/emailers choose to give identifying information about specific people involved in a particular child abuse situation, Stop It Now! may be required to file a report. If you have further questions concerning our reporting policy, please ask at the beginning of your Helpline call or in your email.  See Filing Reports in the Online Help Center for more information on how to report.

International Inquiries

Stop It Now! is based in the United States and our guidance on child sexual abuse prevention issues reflects our experience here. Our understanding of child protection in different parts of the world is growing but limited.

For inquiries from the UK and Ireland, please contact our sister organization, Stop it Now! UK & Ireland.

Stop It Now! is a member of the Child Helpline International network. To find a local child helpline in other countries, please visit Child Helpline International’s Directory.