Youth-Serving Program Workshops

The following are a sample of available workshops. Our workshops are designed for 1-4 hrs, and can be delivered live or as webinars adapted for small programs and audiences. We are happy to develop workshops for specialized audiences on specific desired prevention topics. All of our workshops serve these objectives:

  • Increase the scope of knowlege about child sexual abuse and prevention
  • Increase comfort and skills in discussing children’s sexual behaviors and sexual abuse prevention
  • Strengthen ability to recognize healthy children’s sexual behaviors and healthy relationships
  • Enhance the ability to identify and respond to warning signs in children’s and adult’s behaviors
  • Build confidence by practicing with new skills

Menu of Current Workshops

Circles of Safety: Speaking Up to Keep Children Safe

This training highlights basic facts and Key Steps to Prevention, while offering opportunities to immediately practice protective strategies, safety planning and provides an overview and foundation for anyone seeking increased awareness of sex abuse prevention. 

Circles of Safety: Recognizing and Responding to Adults' Behaviors 

This training focuses on recognizing behaviors in adults and situations that increase risk of sexual harm to a child. Participants will learn how to set boundaries with adults who interact with children, and how to speak up to keep children safe.

Circles of Safety: Recognizing and Responding to Children’s Sexual Behaviors

This training looks at preventive tasks along the development continuum to both support healthy sexuality development and to determine whether sexual behaviors in children are age-appropriate. Participants will learn how to use context to determine when behaviors are inappropriate or harmful, and how to respond to early warning signs in children’s behaviors. The focus is on pre-pubescent children. 

Circles of Safety: Safety Planning for Cyber Safety for Children

This training provides an overview of the risks in the electronic worlds where children frequently interact. Participants will learn about safety planning for children’s sexual safety online, and recognize opportunities and resources to support safe cyber environments for children and youth.

Circles of Safety: Safety Planning with Parents

This training is for professionals working with parents to support safety planning in the home. Participants will identify and practice strategies to coach parents on communicating about healthy sexuality with their children and designing their own safety plans to teach their children about safe boundaries, relationships and consent. 

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