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Welcome to Stop It Now! We are a child sexual abuse prevention program, working across the U.S. to support all adults to feel confident and prepared to be responsible for protecting children from sexual harm. We work with youth serving organizations, such as USA Football, to bring knowledge, skills and resources that will help them create the safest environment possible for both the children in their programs and activities, but also for the adults caring and guiding them. 

Stop It Now! and USA Football have partnered to develop and provide the Circles of Safety: Awareness to Action training videos to create the safest environment possible for the children in your leagues. Sexual abuse prevention is about communication, safety planning and learning the signs of risk - so that protective factors and practices can be strengthened and confidently put into place. These training videos will help you learn more about sexual abuse and what you can do to be a protective and involved adult, responsible for children's safety and well-being. Stop It Now is here to support you. Reach out to our Helpline whenever you have a question about children's sexual safety.

On this page, in addition to the training videos and video handouts, you will also find other relevant resources, organizations and materials. These will be updated regularly. Let us know what you would like to see available!

Together - we can prevent the sexual abuse of children.

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