Effectiveness and Evaluation

Evaluation of Stop It Now!'s Circles of Safety for Foster Care Programs

Through a grant awarded from Raliance, a collaborative initiative to end sexual violence in one generation, made possible through a commitment from the National Football League (NFL), Stop It Now! offered Circles of Safety for Foster Care Programs - a sexual abuse safety prevention training series tailored for foster care programs and foster parents - to four different foster care programs in Massachusetts and Connecticut. This evalution report, based on the findings from a series of focus groups and pre and post training surveys, measures the program effects and gathers program participant perceptions about the Circles of Safety for Foster Care program.

Through this project, evaluation results showed that:

On average, Circles of Safety: Awareness to Action program participants who participated in a full-day training for recognizing and responding to sexual abuse reported:

  • Increased awareness of sexual abuse and positive changes to their behaviors and confidence to handle sexual abuse
  • Increased knowledge about healthy sexuality for different ages
  • Increased knowledge about the importance of safety planning 

100% of Leadership participants, who participated in a full-day training to create community planning steps to enhance their organization’s safety planning, and Training of Trainers program participants, who were prepared to teach workshops, reported:

  • Increased awareness of how policies and procedures can be used to increase safety for children in the foster care program
  • Provided opportunities to initiate action
  • Reported positive satisfaction with the training

To download the full report, click here.