Community Prevention Workshops

Stop It Now! understands that primary prevention must include diminishing the barriers that actually prevent adults in positions to keep children safe from getting the help and support they need. Sexual abuse thrives when support and education isn’t available.

We know that both individual and community responses of fear, shame, blame and anger act as obstructions to preventive conversations and steps. But other equally important barriers are simply lack of time, physical space and easy access to practical and empowering information.

Professional caregivers report that they struggle with competing priorities and mandates and that it is difficult to include basic child sexual abuse prevention, including healthy sexuality education and sexual safety planning into their training plan. Concerned community members ask us where they can go for training to strengthen their protective role with children in their workplaces, their neighborhood, their places of faith and worship and within their extended families. Parents want accessible, practical and non-alarming information and help.

We’ve adapted our Circles of Safety organizational change training model to be more accessible for small youth-serving programs and parenting networks. In this way, we can reach more people in more forums with Stop It Now!'s invaluable knowlege and resources, making it easier than ever to develop the skills and confidence to speak up and plan for safety.

Our workshops are designed for 1-4 hrs, and can be delivered live or in a specialized webinars adapted for small programs and audiences. We are happy to develop workshops for specialized audiences on specific desired prevention topics. All of our workshops serve these objectives:

  • Increase the scope of knowlege about child sexual abuse and prevention
  • Increase comfort and skills in discussing children’s sexual behaviors and sexual abuse prevention
  • Strengthen ability to recognize healthy children’s sexual behaviors and healthy relationships
  • Enhance the ability to identify and respond to warning signs in children’s and adult’s behaviors
  • Build confidence by practicing with new skills

Menu of Current Workshops

Circles of Safety: Awareness to Action

This workshop presents basic facts of sexual abuse, introduces Key Steps of Prevention and explores safety planning for protective adults and families. Safety planning for children’s sexual safety will be explored, introducing language and communication tips for easier and more effective dialog with others about the importance of thinking through a prevention lens.

Circles of Safety: Safety Planning Through Healthy Sexuality Education

This workshop focuses on preventing the sexual abuse of children through 1) raising awareness of the scope of sex abuse and keys for prevention, 2) discussion of developmentally expected sexual behaviors in pre-pubescent children and 3) identifying primary prevention responses to decrease vulnerability to sexual abuse. Parents and professionals will have a better understanding of healthy childhood sexuality development and safety planning as preventive steps that help children stay safe and healthy.

Circles of Safety: Recognizing and Responding to Adults’ Behaviors

This training focuses on recognizing behaviors in adults and situations that increase risk of sexual harm to a child. Participants will learn how to set boundaries with adults who interact with children, and how to speak up to keep children safe.

Circles of Safety: Recognizing and Responding to Children’s Sexual Behaviors

This training looks at how to determine whether sexual behaviors in children are age-appropriate, how to use context to determine when behaviors are inappropriate or harmful, and how to respond to behaviors outside of what you would expect to see in children of various ages. The focus is on pre-pubescent children.

Circles of Safety: Understanding and Preventing Specific Risks Online

This workshop will introduce cyber safety practices for children and youth through a prevention-focused lens, exploring the basic dilemmas and best practices involved in keeping children safe online. Participants will learn about specific risks and prevention tasks at different ages associated with privacy, social media, gaming, and pornography. Use of parental controls and reporting will also be covered.

For more information about bringing a prevention workshop to your group, contact training [at]