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Tip sheets: 

  • Create a Family Safety Plan: Guidelines to help you create an environment that better protects everyone in your family from sexual abuse, including after there are specific concerns about abuse. Includes: educating everyone, how to start talking, setting clear boundaries, finding safe adults, knowing where and how to get help.
  • Warning Sign Behaviors: One side outlines behaviors to watch for when adults are with children. The other side lists signs that a child or teen may be at risk to harm another child.


  • Do Children Sexually Abuse Other Children? Preventing Sexual Abuse Among Children and Youth
  • Let's Talk: Adults Talking to Adults about Child Sexual Abuse

Tip Cards:

  • Two-sided, full color rack card provides tips for family safety planning, recognizing adult behaviors of concern, and where to get resources online. Size: 4" x 9"


  • Family Safety Plan Poster: Full-color poster lists key steps to creating a family safety plan and directs people to for more resources. Size: 13"x19"
  • Adult Warning Signs Poster: Full-color poster lists 6 adult behaviors that can be 'warning signs' of child sexual abuse - and directs people to get help from the Online Help Center at Size: 13"x19" 

Other Promotional Items:

  • Stop It Now! Bumper Sticker: Great for your car, truck or SUV. Made of durable vinyl bumper sticker, great for outdoor use. Size: 10.75” x 3”.
  • Stop It Now! Fridge Magnets: Stop It Now! Refrigerator Magnet Size: 2" X 2.5" Full color magnet with rounded corners.
  • Stop It Now! Awareness Silicone Band: Speak Up! Keep A Child Safe! Available in white and purple.